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Startup Out Of The Box – Episode 6

On this episode we’ll discuss market strategies, funding and how company culture will eat your software for breakfast.


Recommended Books:

  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crossing_the_Chasm



  • https://venturebeat.com/2017/12/21/sam-altman-too-many-y-combinator-companies-raise-money/
  • https://thinkgrowth.org/strategies-for-assessing-startup-culture-before-joining-7afbc7dfc5ba
  • http://www.zdnet.com/article/culture-eats-software-for-breakfast/



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Startup Out Of The Box – Episode 5

On this episode we’ll discuss startup fail, post-mortems, and where should we bet next.

Startups PostMortemhttps://www.cbinsights.com/research/startup-failure-post-mortem

  • Before death, most startups pivot
  • The maddening race; setup meetings with VC all over again
  • Learn from other people mistakes is very important
  • Being raised in a culture where failure is a good learning experience, vs failing is bad and you’r now an outcast

Best ways to kill your startuphttps://medium.com/swlh/best-ways-to-kill-your-startup-8604a1768a89

  • Starting a startup means anxiety, fear of failure and an emotional roller coaster with too many
  • No’s and not enough Yes’es
  • Cut activities that don’t relate to your startup
  • Chase projects that didn’t lead to progress vs revenue
  • Not spending time off with family


Books related to topics above:

Where to bet next?

Trends by a16z – https://mailchi.mp/a16z/trends-good-things-come-in-threes?e=ae2d556dd1

Goliaths vs Davids – http://www.livemint.com/Opinion/eXvxpDZxlHWm6X7unOWLrN/In-Startup-Land-Goliaths-are-for-show-Davids-are-for-doug.html

Benedict Evans Newsletter – https://www.ben-evans.com/newsletter/


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Startup Out Of The Box – Episode 4

On this episode we’ll discuss if startups should be going to events, and if they go, how to take advantage of them. And to end, Some books that we think are interesting


Example of events:

  • WebSummit
  • TheNextWeb
  • OpenCoffee
  • Incubator/Accelerator events


  • it’s easy to get caught in the event circus.
  • Considering the time of going to the event VS time focused on the company or personal life
  • be very selective about what events you choose to attend and the reasons therefore
  • avoid generic startup events and rather focus on deep topics.




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  • Vitor Domingos – @vd
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Startup Out Of The Box – Episode 3

On this episode we’ll discuss if startups are too focused now on tech rather than on business, if they should have a mobile app or website and finally about some tips.

– Are startups too focused on tech rather than on business
○ Using the bleeding edge tool or architecture VS doing the right thing
○ Do tools shape business ? Do we always need API’s?
○ Selling / Using tech rather than having a business model
○ Can’t pivot because of tech being used (personal experience android vs iphone)

– Mobile apps vs Websites to start with
○ This comes from the previous point, will picking up shape the business outcome?
○ Dedicated VS Generic, Slow VS Fast, Complete VS Standard




Lean Canvas

Lean Canvas




On Twitter:

  • Vitor Domingos – @vd
  • Marco Silva – @igama